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Urban BiotopeLightweight rooftop landscaping.

Intensive rooftop gardens usually come with a significant construction load capacity. As perennials, shrubs and trees usually require 25cm-100cm of substrate to grow and conventional substrate weighs between 1300-1600kg/m3, building constructions are often strengthened to facilitate a rooftop garden. For existing buildings, the options are normally limited to a sedum mat.

By using the smart construction principles and Jungle Mix (lightweight substrate) from our modular products like the Urban Tree and Jungle Blocks, we create 'Urban Biotopes': lightweight rooftop landscapes for all situations where weight is constraint and modularity is not a requirement. 

Application is based on the project design, which we can draft for your project if needed or discuss with a designated landscape architect. Irrigation can be supplied by using a water retention layer below the substrate, or by applying dripline on top of the plant zones. 

Trees are anchored to a foundation construction, designed to cope with storm pressure. The outer sides of the plant borders can be finished with borders of your choice. 

Product specs can be downloaded by filling in the form. 

Product specifications

  • Tree height:350 - 600cm
  • Tree type:multistemmed
  • Tree species:Multiple options, e.g. Acer campestre, Betula, Carpinus betulus, Gleditsia triacanthos, Platanus x hispanica, Pyrus calleryana, view downloads for sortiment specifications
  • Tree construction size: variable
  • Total weight:variable
  • Weight per m2:variable (min 300kg)
  • Irrigation:via dripline
  • Installation:modular placement on surface (with rubber spacers), no anchoring required

Download product toolbox

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