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Jungle Blocks.Modular pieces of jungle,
shaping lightweight landscapes.

The most enchanting roof gardens are those that make you forget you are on a roof. Until you notice the amazing view the height of a roof offers over its surrounding. Jungle Blocks are designed to shape lightweight landscapes on almost any roof. Meeting all engineering requirements for placing trees, shrubs and perennials on great heights, these modular elements can be placed on almost any roof, enabling landscaping on unused space in urban environments. 

The base element is dimensioned to fit a multi stemmed tree up to six metres high. Plant blocks can be connected to the base element to create curved or straight borders for shaping roof gardens. Jungle Blocks are produced using 3D printing technology and made out of circular plastic granules. Every individual block has an integrated water buffer to maintain moisture levels in the substrate on top of the base layer.

Our Jungle Mix substrate is applied in the standard product to ensure lightweight application on constructions with limited load capacity. All elements can be lifted for plug and play installation and remain completely modular for temporary movement in case of maintenance. The flexibility of blocks, the sight of a jungle!

Product specifications

  • Tree height:350 - 600cm
  • Tree type:multistemmed
  • Tree species:Multiple options, e.g. Acer campestre, Betula, Carpinus betulus, Gleditsia triacanthos, Platanus x hispanica, Pyrus calleryana, view downloads for sortiment specifications
  • Tree construction size: ø240cm (round) or 240x240cm (square), height 25cm - 70cm
  • Total weight:950kg
  • Weight per m2:220kg
  • Irrigation:via incorporated dripline
  • Installation:modular placement on surface (with rubber spacers), no anchoring required

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