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How we work

Green as service.
Where vision meets creativity,
and design meets execution.

As we pursue high quality projects in the long run, we service projects from plan to maintenance. With our experienced and multidisciplinary team, we guide you through the process of creating valuable green space.

Want to build a jungle? Get in touch.

Where others see limitations,
we envision urban jungles.

Throughout the design process, we combine creativity, plant expertise and building experience to translate the client's ambition into a feasible plan. Our final product is not a fancy looking design, but a flourishing jungle.

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Centralised production,
plug and play installation.

Project execution is often challenging in urban environments due to limited space and traffic constraints. Our centralised production enables plug and play installation on projects, reducing the turnaround time on location and accompanied costs significantly. 

Planning for a jungle? We're happy to help.

The beauty of plant expertise,
the brains of smart monitoring.

As green is living material, maintenance is crucial for making sure projects look as great as envisioned the design. Our maintenance team is driven by plant expertise and supported by data, which we collect through our smart technology

Ready to get inspired? Get in touch.

Trusted by our clients,
ambassadors of the jungle.

Our client base varies from private building owners to commercial real estate parties and governments. We won't stop the work before our clients have fallen in love with their jungle. It’s why we prefer to call them ambassadors, and we look forward to making you one of them.

Want to see our work? View our projects.

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