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Jungle Mix.A lightweight substrate,
facilitating durable plant growth.

Plants rely on substrate for growth in places where regular soil isn’t available. Substrates come in all sorts of compositions, depending on the type of plants they need to facilitate and location where the substrate will be placed.

For greening buildings, substrate forms the main weight factor in terms of construction load. The potential for realising green roofs is often limited by this weight, as existing buildings aren’t dimensioned for the extra construction load capacity and new buildings require additional construction material in order to carry the extra weight.

Our lightweight Jungle Mix is developed in close collaboration with our partner and specialist BVB Substrates, to facilitate durable plant growth through a lightweight substrate. This mix of organic and mineral-rich materials is designed to reduce weight drastically while still offering healthy conditions for plant growth. The substrate has a great capillary function and water retaining capacity. A top layer of wood chips is applied to keep the lightweight substrate from blowing away and infusing fungi to stimulate soil life.

Product specifications

  • pH Acidity:5,0-6,5
  • EC:0,3-1,5mS/cm
  • Dry weight:250kg/m3
  • Saturated weight:650kg/m3
  • Water retention at pF 1,5:38,4%
  • Water absorption after 1 hour:40%
  • Air content at pF 1,5:49,9%
  • Shrinkage:<10%
  • Minimum recommended layer thickness:15-20cm (perennials), 25-40cm (shrubs), 40-70cm (trees)
  • Developed in partnership with:BVB Substrates
  • Other product specifications:Product sheet available via download form

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