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Urban Tree.A lightweight solution when planting is not an option.

Weight and wind form the main challenges for placing trees in urban environments. The Urban Tree is a modular and lightweight tree construction, allowing trees to be placed on roofs, balconies, facades and other places where planting in soil is not an option. 

The Urban Tree has an integrated spiral dripline, facilitating the limited root system with sufficient water and nutrients to maintain its canopy. As root growth is constrained, the tree is conditioned a bit like a bonsai and will not grow substantially.

For placement on roofs, the construction is connected to a modular foundation construction, spreading the weight over a bigger surface and providing the tree with sufficient mass to cope with extreme wind exposure. This construction is fully tested and approved by engineers for modular placement on roofs and other situations.

Product specs can be downloaded by filling in the form. 

Product specifications

  • Tree height:350 - 600cm
  • Tree type:multistemmed
  • Tree species:Multiple options, e.g. Acer campestre, Betula, Carpinus betulus, Gleditsia triacanthos, Platanus x hispanica, Pyrus calleryana, 
  • Frame size: 120 x 120 x 80cm
  • Weight:350kg
  • Weight per m2:243kg
  • Irrigation:via incorporated dripline
  • Installation:modular placement on roof, connected to foundation construction

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