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Jungle Box.Perennials and shrubs
at the weight of a sedum mat.

An increasing number of green roofs are springing up in cities, often using moss-sedum. However, perennials and shrubs are much more beneficial to biodiversity than moss-sedum, as they offer significantly more plant mass, with corresponding benefits for benefits to birds, bees and butterflies.

Yet because existing roofs are mostly constrained in construction load capacity, sedum often seems the only option. The Jungle Box is a lightweight and modular alternative to sedum, offering all benefits from perennials and shrubs at the weight of a sedum mat. 

Jungle Boxes come in two different sizes. The high crate requires active irrigation and facilitates growth for perennials and shrubs. The low crate is covered with wildflower mats for low maintenance or cases where active irrigation is not an option. The circular crate, produced from recycled plastics, comes with an integrated water buffer and is filled with Jungle Mix (lightweight substrate designed for durable plant growth).

Jungle Boxes are placed plug and play on roofs, balconies and other suitable locations. No amendments need to be made to the existing construction: the crates are placed modularly on rubber spacers to avoid direct contact with the (roofing) material underneath. The Jungle Box is easily removable in case of maintenance. Irrigation tubes can be clicked in the mounting clip on top. Consider adding flower bulbs to your planting plan, fireworks in spring guaranteed!

Product specifications

  • Size: 60 x 40 x 25cm
  • Dry weight:14kg
  • Saturated weight:31kg 
  • Saturated weight per m2:130kg
  • Waterbuffering capacity:71L/m2
  • Waterbuffer: 3cm Argex
  • Substrate layer:17cm Jungle Mix with funghi mulch toplayer
  • Installation:Modular placement on roof with rubber spacer

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