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TOWNHALL, ZOETERMEERAn urban oasis on the fifth floor of the townhall

With greenery becoming an increasingly important aspect in local policies around climate adaptation, the Zoetermeer municipality thinks it should set a good example itself. They therefore asked us to transform the previously inaccessible space on the 5th floor of their city hall into a thriving roof garden. With a carrying capacity of only 250kg/m2, the gravel on the existing roof is replaced by modular plant crates (Jungle Boxes) and 3 Urban Trees. 

Multifunctionality forms the basis of the design in this project, which is reflected by the colour scheme on the facade. Red represents the social function that roofs have in bringing people together. Blue reflects the importance of water management for both buffering rainwater from urban flooding and the responsible use of water for irrigation of plants. Yellow represents renewable energy, allowing visitors to charge their phones or laptops with a battery powered by solar energy. And green of course speaks for itself, cooling the city through shade and evaporation. Insulates the building, provides a home for biodiversity by creating different habitats. The birdhouses and water bowls complete it. All in all, it makes the building look a lot nicer. Fun fact: the adjacent meeting room was rarely used before, but is now the most booked space.

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Project specifications

  • Project name:Rooftop Garden
  • Location:Zoetermeer
  • Client:Gemeente Zoetermeer
  • Realisation completed: 2021
  • Design: The Urban Jungle Project, LG Architecten
  • Execution: The Urban Jungle Project, Kroeze Hoveniers
  • Maintenance:The Urban Jungle Project
  • Partners: Ebben Tree Nursery (plants), Kepser (frames), Mastop Totaaltechniek (irrigation)
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