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Jungle Boss (Netherlands, full time)
From 1 September, The Urban Jungle Project is looking for a 'Jungle Boss', who will ensure the quality of our projects and support the further development of our innovative green solutions.

The Urban Jungle Project
Urbanisation and climate change are putting pressure on the liveability of our cities. The Urban Jungle Project develops innovative solutions to green where it is otherwise impossible. By marrying nature with technology, we make it possible to place trees, shrubs and perennials on roofs, facades, squares and streets. In this way, we bring nature back into the city, contributing to the liveability of our cities. 

What does a 'Jungle Boss' do?
As a 'Jungle Boss', you bear responsibility for the quality of our products and projects. With your knowledge of greenery, you will recognise at a glance whether the planting on a project needs a little more love, or perhaps less. Your critical eye ensures that no detail is overlooked, because if it is up to you, the work is always to die for. You work well together with our diverse team, but are also independent enough to go out and do what's needed on your own. The insights you gain while running and maintaining our projects inspire you to come up with new ideas for developing our innovations. 

Your week will look approximately as follows:

  • Monday: team day at our Cuijk office
  • Location: The Urban Jungle Project / Nursery Ebben, Cuijk
  • Activities: Operations consultation, team meetings, research & development, production


  • Tuesday: out for maintenance work
  • Location: In your Urban Jungle bus, from Groningen to Goes and from Amsterdam to Arnhem
  • Activities: pruning, weed removal, tree health assessments


  • Wednesday: supporting project implementation
  • Location: NOS, Hilversum
  • Activities: installing a modular forest with colleagues and implementing partners

Thursday: team day at our office in Culemborg

  • Location: The Urban Jungle Project / Grasveld Tuin- & Landschapsarchitecten, Culemborg
  • Activities: discussing projects and experiments for product development

Friday: on the road for maintenance work

  • Location: In your Urban Jungle bus, from Rotterdam via Delft and Voorburg to Zoetermeer
  • Activities: starting up irrigation systems, checking sensors 

Can you do it?

The Urban Jungle Project is a young and ambitious company, with a diverse team of driven people. Our operational people renovate a bathroom in their spare time, our techies tinker with sensors in the evenings or row in the Holland 8 at the Olympics. We go for gold in everything we do, and that means we work hard to learn as much as we can and get one step better every time. And in the process we have a lot of fun, of course, because building Jungles in the city is just really cool! 

As a Jungle Boss, you might have the coolest job in the world. At least, if you: 

  • Have knowledge of green
  • Experience and affinity with executive work
  • Fit enough to do physical work
  • Accustomed to working in a neat and structured way
  • Independent and able to take responsibility for your own planning
  • Being handy enough with computers to also manage your maintenance work digitally 
  • Have a driving licence and do not mind being on the road a lot 
  • No problem making long(er) days
  • Be social enough to get on well with your colleagues and our clients

Are you still here?

Then this might be for you! We look forward to meeting you. If you are interested in this role, we would like to receive an email with your background and motivation at iamthejungleboss@theurbanjungleproject.com.

Oh yes, and not insignificantly: 

How well has a Jungle Boss got it together?

Besides having the best job in the world, of course, our Jungle Boss is also well looked after. That's why you will receive: 

  • Decent conditions (salary, pension, etc.) 
  • A Jungle bus with all the tools you need to do your job well
  • Custom-made workwear from the exclusive The Urban Jungle Project fashion line
  • A laptop, tablet and phone with all the necessary software to hang out the wizkid 
  • Training, education and certification to develop yourself and our company
  • The freedom and responsibility to plan your own week 
  • A mega experienced and fun team ready to bang together with you (and occasionally hit the pub) 

That seems like enough information for now, we look forward to meeting you! 

  • Position: Jungle Boss
  • Basis: Full time
  • Location: All over the Netherlands
  • Profile: Passionate green professional with demonstrated execution experience
  • Languages: Dutch (mandatory), English (important)
  • Skills: Pruning, maintaining green projects, assessing green health conditions, independent and structured, able to deal with Excel and dashboards 
  • Experience: Gardening, horticulture, project execution, maintenance
  • Personal: Let us know what makes you thick and what kind of fun stuff you like doing 
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